Monday, September 6, 2010

Meeting New Friends

On Friday night, Ryan and I went out for dinner with a couple we met over the internet! They are from Chicago and spent Labor Day weekend vacationing here in Grenada. She found my blog while searching for things to do in the area, so we emailed back and forth for a couple weeks prior to their visit. I shared with her some of our favorite restaurants, beaches, and excursions on the island. I knew immediately that we would get along well as we had a lot in common. They were kind enough to take an evening out of their vacation and meet us at Rick's for pizza and ice cream.

We had so much fun that night getting to know them and ended up talking for a couple hours. I'm just sad they live so far away! But Ryan and I have always wanted to visit Chicago, and now we have a little extra motivation to take a trip up that way.

It's funny how living in Grenada gave us the chance to meet someone from "back home." You never know where you'll meet a new friend!


  1. I like the new template design. Very nice. :O)

  2. SOOO much fun to meet you guys and can't wait to see you again (NYC baby!)!!!!! Blow kisses to that beautiful beach for me! Ahhhhhhh, miss it already! LOVES

  3. I love it! So fun :-) The guys don't look as thrilled as the girls to be taking a much needed blogging picture! lol

    Nice to meet you!


  4. Rachel, Since I can't decorate my apartment, I decided to decorate my blog for fall instead. :)

    Steph, We had the best time with you guys and wish you lived down here too! Can't wait to see you again!

    Traci, My husband would rather be the one taking the pictures than in them! haha!


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