Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Three Down, One to Go

I realized it's been a little while since we've updated you on where Ryan is in the medical school process. It's exciting to see his progress and to realize there really is an end to all this schooling! As of next Friday, Ryan will have completed his third year of medical school and his first year of clinical rotations. He will take the next four weeks off to study for and take his Step 2, the second part of his boards. During that time, Avery and I will be spending a few weeks with my family in Greenville. A small apartment with an active one-year old does not provide the best study environment for Ryan, so we'll get out of his way. He has a good study plan in place with his friend, Neil, and I know they are going to do great. I'll be sure to have plenty of food for him. And my mom has already loaded him up on snacks for those weeks.

Once the test is over, Ryan will apply for residency programs. This fall will be extremely busy as he flies all over the country (hopefully just the east coast) interviewing at various programs. During that time, he will also be completing elective rotations in different specialities, including ones that he is interested in pursuing. We have a weekend trip planned to NH in October with my family to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the church my Dad started in Dover. We also plan to be in Greenville just a few weeks later for Thanksgiving and my 10 year high school reunion. After Christmas, we'll have a couple weeks of vacation during one of Ryan's less-stressful rotations. I think a beach trip with my family is on the schedule, as well as maybe some sight-seeing in Washington, DC.

Ryan will find out where he matched for residency in March of 2014. Just a few weeks later, he will complete the remainder of his rotations, and we will move back to Greenville until he begins residency. Those couple months will be quite busy as we search for a place to live in our new location, move all our things, take an incredible trip to Turkey with my dad, plan an amazing graduation party for Ryan, and fly back to NYC for his graduation in June.

Thank you all for your continued support and encouragement. We would greatly appreciate your prayers for Ryan and his Step 2 on September 14. We're so excited for the next step in this journey.
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