Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Our New Job

This afternoon, Ryan and I found out that we will be the Resident Assistants for the married housing dorms on campus this next year. We applied for the job back in February, and interviewed last Friday. So beginning in June, we will have free housing for our last year in Grenada. It will mean that our vacations will be somewhat shorter, as we have to stay on campus a few days after each semester ends, and arrive on campus earlier than most students to prepare the dorms. But that is a small sacrifice to make. We'll be spending some time with the current RA's (who are also good friends of ours) in these next few weeks to learn about some of our new responsibilities. I'm sure we'll have some interesting stories to share during this next year! The Lord has provided so graciously for us, and we are very thankful for this opportunity.

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