Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Only in Grenada

Last week I mentioned that we are now in the rainy season here. Considering that during the dry season we hardly had any water shortages, I wasn't expecting anything to change now that water is plentiful all over the island again. I failed to take into account that this is Grenada.

For the past week, we've had low water pressure every day. And last Thursday we went most of the day with no water at all. The low water pressure only comes at the most convenient times - when we've just come back from working out and need to shower, or when I have a sink full of dirty dishes and need to cook dinner. Usually when we lose water pressure, it's the cold water that is gone. And although it's miserable to take a cold shower, it's impossible to take a scalding hot shower (or do anything else with super hot water for that matter).

We found out on Sunday that the school is getting a third water tank and due to upcoming inspections, they have to empty out the other two (at different times) for cleaning. It does make the most sense for them to take care of this during the summer; the only people still here are 4th term medical students and MPH students, which is just a fraction of the number of people here August through May. Still, I don't take it for granted anymore that there is going to be cold water (or any water) available when I need it.

Yesterday I went to the grocery store to find something for dinner and stock up on a few necessities. Of course there were no tomatoes, bananas, oranges, or celery. And they rearranged all the egg cartons to cover the gaping hole where the milk should be. But they did have Chinese fortune cookies, wonton chips, roasted red pepper humus, and fresh goat cheese.

I wanted to make a nice dinner for Ryan since it would be his last meal at home before flying to Detroit. (He's the best man in his friend's wedding this weekend.) I found 2 sirloin steaks for only $5.60. The goat cheese is normally $10, but was on sale for $1.87, so that came home with me as well. We enjoyed a salad of romaine lettuce, goat cheese, caramelized walnuts, and diced green apples, drizzled with Balsamic vinegar. I marinated the steaks in Italian dressing and served them with roasted potatoes and sauteed zucchini and onions.

Ryan left around 5am this morning, and I'm missing him already. But I have a few things to occupy my time until he comes home. Tomorrow I'll spend the morning at the pool and then go out to dinner with some friends. Friday morning I'll be watching the US World Cup soccer game at a restaurant on the beach with some other friends. And then on Saturday I'll get our laundry done and bake a few of Ryan's favorite foods to surprise him when he gets home. Here's hoping I have plenty of (cold) water and a stocked grocery store this weekend!


  1. The meal looks delicious, Sarah. I wish you could come to my house and cook for me. :O)

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