Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Everyday Life

This week I was reminded how blessed I am in so many areas. I have a loving, godly husband who is working hard (and succeeding) at the training necessary to have a job one day that will provide for our family and enable me to stay at home. And I have the opportunity during the next couple years to support him, indulge my love for cooking, and also have free time to relax, read, and pursue a couple hobbies. After 2 years of working 50-60 hours a week at a stressful, high-pressured sales job, I promised Ryan that I would never complain about being bored down here. And although life is much slower and quieter now, it is anything but boring. Each day presents a new challenge or experience. Here are a couple pictures from the week.

Sunset on Campus

Colorful Caterpillar

The dry season here in Grenada is from January to June, and this year it was particularly dry. A lot of people living off campus experienced water shortages at some point. Fortunately, we never had more than a couple hours without water. But overall the island has been pretty brown since we arrived. That is, up until a couple weeks ago. We are officially in the rainy season now, with characteristic rain showers almost every day. It rains quite often at night, and we usually have a brief but torrential downpour at some point during the day. The downside to the rain is all the mosquitoes swarming the island. We try to put on insect repellent, especially in the evenings. Yesterday I made a quick grocery run around 5:30. I had to wait for the bus for about 15 minutes, and consequently counted over 20 bug bites on one leg when I got home. (I also have a few on my arms.) Looks like I'll be making another trip to the store for some Benadryl.

Of course, with all this rain, the island has become lush and green almost overnight. Here are a few pictures of the SGU campus.

I couldn't ask for a more beautiful place to live!


  1. Hey that is really pretty! Is that the bball court where Ryan got that cut?


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