Thursday, May 20, 2010

Just a Scratch

After dinner on Tuesday night, Ryan went down to the basketball courts to play soccer with some friends. A couple hours later he came home, sweaty as usual and casually stood in front of me. It took me a minute before I saw the gash above his left eye. Apparently, during the soccer game, he got a little too close to the fence surrounding the court. The cut was bleeding, but not excessively. It could have been a lot worse, and we’re thankful for the Lord’s protection.

He showered, and we debated about whether or not he might need stitches to prevent infection and leave less of a scar. We finally decided to go down the hill to the clinic on campus for a consult. The nurse on duty looked at his eye and said he would need just 2 stitches. Of course, he wanted me to bring the camera to document this historic event.

The anesthetic injection was the worst part, so he tells me. But after a few minutes, we were good to go. This morning the cut appears to be healing well, but the area around his eye is a little bruised. He’ll get the stitches out early next week.

I told him that the next time he wants to make it into the blog, he doesn’t have to do something so painful!

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  1. Sorry:( It must have been while u were doing a diving header:)


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