Tuesday, May 22, 2012

First Week Home

It's hard to believe we haven't even been back home for a week yet. We have been so busy that our life in Grenada seems like a more distant memory than it actually is. Our flights home last Wednesday went as well as they could. We were delayed for a little bit leaving Grenada, but it didn't affect any of our other flights. The workers at the airport in Grenada even let Ryan and me skip to the front of the line at customs and immigration, so we got through those long lines in record time!

We were greeted at the airport by my mom and sister, and came home to a beautifully redecorated bedroom that looks like it came right out of a magazine (pictures to come shortly). My family had welcome-home gifts waiting for us. And sleeping on a nice mattress again was heavenly!

Thursday morning, we wasted no time in running errands and getting unpacked. Ryan and I both had appointments to get our hair cut. Then we visited my sister's first grade class at the school where she teaches. The kids were very interested in our baby and asked all kinds of questions, such as "How do you get into bed?" and "How do you two hug each other?" Ryan brought in his stethoscope and the kids were fascinated with his explanations. Then the children sang a couple songs from their upcoming school program. They were absolutely adorable, and we loved getting to meet them.

From there, we went to my 34 week appointment. We are very thankful that everything looks great with our little girl. She is growing and healthy, and moving around all the time. Hopefully we will be able to schedule our hospital tour and birthing class before she actually arrives!

On Friday morning, we met up with my aunts, cousins, and grandma to celebrate Grandma's 81st birthday at Panera Bread. We spent the afternoon going through Ryan's clothes that were stored at his parents' house and several boxes in their office. It took a few hours, but I'm glad we took the time now to throw things away and organize a few things before we move later this summer. We'll probably end up having a yard sale later in July! That evening, we went to a cookout with other young couples from our church. We love getting to spend time with our family and friends again.

Since being home, we have thoroughly enjoyed my mom's amazing cooking and spending the evenings with family. This afternoon, Mom treated me to an early birthday lunch at a beautiful outdoor restaurant in town, and a shopping trip for a few new maternity clothes. My dad is in Turkey right now, but we look forward to seeing him in just a few days.

As of yesterday, Ryan has started studying for his Step 1 exam, which he will take on July 3. He has set up a schedule for himself and is very diligent about sticking to his plan each day. My mom is so sweet to pack him a lunch each day, so he leaves early in the morning and can study until he comes home for dinner.

We have so many other fun activities coming up in the next few weeks, and I'll do my best to keep this blog updated over the summer and start taking more pictures. Thank you for your prayers as we finished up our time in Grenada and made the big move back to the States. We are loving every minute of being back in the States and can't wait to see what the rest of the summer will hold!


  1. What a entertaining weekend you guys had there! I enjoyed reading your amazing story and wish you good luck for your baby girl!! I hope she'll soon arrive without any problem. Thanks

  2. How fun! you are so cute!

    Love, Traci @ Ordinary Inspirations


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