Sunday, February 19, 2012

Midterm Week

We have arrived at the first round of midterms for the semester. It's hard to believe how quickly these last few weeks have gone. Ryan has a test on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday this week. His two main classes for the semester are Pharmacology (where he will learn over 900 drugs) and Patho-physiology (a continuation of Pathology from last term). I know he would appreciate your prayers over the next several days as he studies and takes these tests. He is enjoying the classes so far and as always, is very diligent in studying and reviewing each day.

Once again, I've been reminded how thankful I am to be living on campus. Not only are we the RA's again which provides free housing and a meal stipend, but Ryan and I are able to eat all our meals together. He comes home for lunch and dinner each day which gives us a {brief} time to catch up. It is usually after midnight by the time he gets home from the library at night. I know this is just preparing me for residency when he will be at the hospital more often than not. And I definitely do not take for granted the few moments we have together each day.

This week will be busy for me as well as I make the final preparations for our gender reveal party on Saturday. I am so excited to finally announce the gender of our baby, and especially for Ryan to know! I asked if it's been hard for him since I know and he doesn't. But he said that he doesn't have too much time to think about it. While baby names and nursery colors occupy most of my thoughts, I guess he is trying to focus more on memorizing several hundred drugs.

I'll post a few pictures of some of the decorations over the next few days. Towards the end of the week, I'll be getting to work baking, filling, and frosting 6 dozen cupcakes. Oh, and have I mentioned that my toaster oven only fits 6 cupcakes at a time? It will definitely be an all-day project. Hopefully it will also be a good chance to catch up on some reading (in between taking cupcakes out of the oven).


  1. I'm so excited to find out your baby's gender! Can't wait to see all the decorations too. Wow, that is going to take awhile to bake all the cupcakes!

  2. Sarah,
    The way you support Ryan in what he is called to do is an encouragement to me as a wife. I also appreciate the way you seem to make the best of challenging circumstances. The "cupcake" thing reminds me of the time I made home made fortune cookies (with promises from God inside) I could only do 3 at time because they began to harden so quickly! It took quite a while to get them all done. But it was worth it in the end!
    Also, when you said "While baby names and nursery colors occupy most of my thoughts, I guess he is trying to focus more on memorizing several hundred drugs" you made me smile. :)

  3. I'll be praying for both you and Ryan. Can't wait to see all the creativity you put into this special party.


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