Friday, August 12, 2011

Sea Glass

I have a new favorite activity here in Grenada - searching for sea glass! I'm not sure how I didn't even know this existed, but it's gorgeous, lots of fun to collect, and plentiful on Grand Anse Beach.

Yesterday, my friend Beth, and I spent a couple hours walking along the beach, collecting sea glass. There is a small section of the beach where the glass is plentiful, and we spent most of our time there. My collection consists mostly of green and clear glass, two of the most common colors. (Red, pink, purple, and black are some of the rarest colors to find.) I came home with a good amount (about half a Cool Whip container), but Beth's was almost full! And she has two similarly-sized containers back at home. She said I'll get better at finding sea glass the more I'm out there. This is definitely something I wouldn't mind praciticing.

Sea glass is formed from shards of glass that have been smoothed out by the waves and sand. The longer it is in the water, the more rounded the edges become. And the once-shiny glass turns into a beautiful frosted, muted color. Here is some of the sea glass I collected yesterday:

I have found so many ideas for turning sea glass into beautifully-crafted items. Most of the projects will have to wait until I can get home. But I see necklaces, earrings, candles in glass jars filled with sea glass, and mosaic-tile trays in my future!


  1. The seaglass looks fab!The colours are amazing.Would love that in a big vase on my bathroom shelf!

  2. I love sea glass!! And I think I saw you running on campus yesterday bc I recognized your cute hair cut, but I didn't want to say hi if it wasn't you!!!


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