Monday, March 7, 2011

International Food Festival

On Saturday, March 5, Grenada hosted the 17th annual Grensave International Food and Drink Festival. This year, the theme was "Do It For the Children" and the proceeds benefit programs for youth and children around Grenada. The celebration takes place at the Trade Center, next to the grocery store. It is a large building, similar to a gymnasium. Most of the countries that are represented in Grenada set up a table to sell food, drinks, or crafts native to their country. Some of the countries that were there this time included China, Cuba, Guyana, Jamaica, Japan, Italy, Venezuela, and of course, Grenada and the United States. Most of the booths were sponsored by that country's embassy, but the American table was organized by the Significant Others (spouses of medical students) at SGU. A couple friends and I worked at our table for a few hours, and it was a fun and unique experience.

The afternoon began with the Grenadian national anthem, prayer, and a few brief remarks. Then, everyone walked around the room sampling different treats from various countries. I met the Chinese ambassador, Xu Jianguo and the Governor General of Grenada Sir Carlyle Glean. We talked to some lovely people from all over the world, and enjoyed watching all the excitement.

I also met a new friend, Blair, and found out we lived just a few hours away from each other back home. We have a lot in common, and I look forward to getting to know her better.

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