Monday, March 1, 2010

Pool Day

Mondays are an exciting day here in Grenada. Not only do I get to enjoy this beautiful, sunny weather, but I get to spend the morning at one of the nicest pools I've ever seen. The school owns a resort-like area about 15 minutes from campus, called The University Club. It's used to house visiting faculty members and give faculty/staff members a nice place to relax. On Mondays and Thursdays, spouses of students (or Significant Others, as they are known here) are allowed to use the pool free of charge for the day. So this morning, my friend, Kelsey, and I headed over there around 9:30. The pool is on a hill overlooking the beach surrounded by palm trees.

We were the only ones at the pool for most of the morning. Although we just stayed for a couple hours and I applied lots of sun screen, I definitely got burnt! The sun must be more intense down here for sure. When I got back home around 12:00, Ryan had already finished his morning class and made himself a sandwich. I ate a quick lunch and then headed down to the bus stop with Kelsey again. This time we took a 10 minute ride to a grocery store I hadn't been to yet - Food Fair. This grocery store is reported to have better prices, although not as wide of a selection, as the IGA where most students shop. I found the prices to be a little bit cheaper than IGA - enough for me to buy a few things, like salad dressing, juice, cucumbers, spices, and a loaf of fresh yeast bread. There was a also a housewares store next door. They have everything from skillets and drinking glasses to car parts, plants, and sharpies! I need to come back to this store after I make a list of things I actually need.

After our shopping excursion, we waited over 45 minutes for the bus to come. I got a little hungry and ate some of the loaf of bread I had just bought. Eventually the bus came, and we got home a little before 3:00pm.

Tonight Ryan has class from 5-8pm and a soccer game at 8:10. So we ate an early dinner - around 4:15. He requested pasta, which he wants almost every night. At least I had good bread and salad dressing this time! I'll probably go the soccer game and take some pictures for Ryan tonight. He hadn't been here more than a couple days and was already captain of one of the intramural socccer teams. Most of his friends from the MPH (Masters of Public Health) program are also on the team. Last week the African team beat them. Tonight they play the Cuban Raft Riders (yes, that's really their team name). Wish them luck!

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