Thursday, May 2, 2013

10 Months Old

Ryan and I both have commented many times over the last couple weeks that it seems like Avery has grown up almost overnight. She is losing a lot of her little baby features and looking and acting more like a toddler. I remember holding her as a newborn and wishing she could stay that size forever. But at each new stage that she entered, we honestly thought, "Okay, we like this stage the best!" Then she would grow and change a little more and we said, "This age is definitely the best!" I loved her tiny newborn stage. I adored her sweet, easy-going personality from 3-6 months. I loved watching her learn new skills almost daily and interact with us more and more from 6-9 months. And now we are enjoying her fun-loving personality and hilarious antics at 9-12 months.

Here are a few updates from this past month:

At her 9 month appointment, Avery weighed 16.5 lbs and was 27.5". She continues to be long and thin. The doctor has no concerns, though, and said she is just as healthy as can be. She still has just her two bottom teeth. But the doctor said her upper gums are swollen and her top teeth should be coming through soon. I have noticed her being a little more clingy than usual this week, but still just as happy as ever. Hopefully the teeth will pop through soon! Avery loves getting to brush her little teeth each night before bed. She happily sits there with her mouth open and hands clapping while I get her toothbrush ready.

Avery continues to walk around the house holding onto the furniture or walls. She can walk while holding on to us with just one hand, and has even taken 1-2 steps on her own (if she doesn't realize I'm not holding onto her). She loves using her walking toy and can navigate it quite well. If she does run into a wall or furniture, she'll back up and turn in the right direction. It is so much fun to watch her little mind at work.

Avery's favorite activities are doing anything out of the house. She loves to be at the park, the mall, or even just the grocery store.

She alertly watches everything going on around her, and is becoming much friendlier with people who say hi to her. She'll wave, smile, and even carried on a conversation with the nice lady behind us at the grocery store check-out this week. She loves going to the nursery at church. The last couple weeks, friends at church have taken her down to the nursery for me while I'm busy with other things, and she is as happy as can be with them.

There are quite a few dogs in our apartment complex, and Avery giggles and waves if we see one of them while we are out walking. If it wasn't for the work a puppy involves, we'd love to get one for her. I'm sure we'll give in one of these days!

Avery will spend 30-45 minutes every day looking at her books. She loves being read to as well, and has recently started turning the pages for us (usually at the right time).

She is still sleeping 12 hours each night, and taking 2 good naps each day (between 1 1/2 and 2 hours). Her favorite foods are still sweet potatoes and peas, but she loves beets, hard-boiled egg yolks, and asparagus as well. She is doing better with feeding herself, and I'm sure it will get easier to eat table food when her top teeth come through. She loves drinking water from her sippy cup throughout the day.

We are so blessed to be able to spend our days with this almost-one-year-old. We pray every day that she will grow up to love God with her whole heart.

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