Monday, April 8, 2013

8 & 9 Months Old

I started Avery's 8 month update early last month but never got around to finishing the post and publishing it. She certainly keeps me busy these days! I feel like she has grown up so much these last couple months. We love watching her learn something new almost every day.

8th Month:
Avery got her first tooth just a couple days after turning 7 months old. And she finally started crawling on Valentine's Day. Once she realized she could do it, there was no stopping her. She loves exploring around the house, but she especially enjoys being able to pull her toys out of the bin in the living room. She can play for 30-45 minutes by herself now that she can reach all her toys.

After just a couple days, she began pulling up on the furniture. She quickly learned how to stand up in her crib, but it took her a couple more days to learn how to sit down. Once we learned that skill, life was much happier for all of us.

About a week later, she began to show an interest in walking while holding onto our hands. We found a good deal on a push toy for her, and she loves walking around the house as fast as she can.

By the end of her 8th month, she was able to wave and was becoming much steadier while standing.

9th Month:
Avery's second tooth appeared just after her 8 month birthday. Apart from a little fussiness, we hardly noticed it was there.

She continues to love eating solid food. Apart from having oatmeal for breakfast, she eats all fruits and vegetables. Her favorite food is peas, with sweet potatoes still a close second. She will only eat squash and cauliflower if I had a few spices to them - cinnamon, nutmeg, or garlic powder. Apparently she is getting tired of bland food. She loves eating little puffs (although she only gets them as a snack when we are out somewhere), but refuses to feed them to herself. We practice often, but she just doesn't seem interested in finger foods. We'll continue trying this month and hopefully she picks it up soon!

Early in February, Avery gave up her evening nap all on her own. She continues to nap for 1 1/2 hours in the morning and afternoon and to sleep 12 hours at night.

She continues to love crawling and "walking" around the house. She learned to clap and blow kisses this month and can do them both on command. She also loves imitating sounds we make and she will cluck her tongue, scrunch her nose, and blow bubbles after us.

She also has started laughing whenever she hears us laughing (whether or not we are laughing at her), but she especially loves doing things to get us to laugh at her. It is so much fun being able to interact with her more and more.

Avery got to ride on a swing for the first time this month. I recently found a park about 3 minutes from our house, so we will be spending a lot of time swinging this spring.

Avery loves animals and adores the puppy that lives in the apartment above us. She giggles and waves anytime she sees a dog walking near her. And she gets quite excited when we review different animals and the sounds they make with her. (The cow is her favorite.)

I am thankful that she continues to be a very easy baby, both at home and out in public. We can take her anywhere from a restaurant to Ikea to church to NYC and never worry about how she will act. It doesn't bother her to miss a nap entirely or for a meal to be a few minutes late. She is learning to be adaptable and pleasant in all kinds of situations.

We are truly blessed with a sweet, funny, and personable little girl!

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