Tuesday, March 5, 2013

In the Details

Today, I am especially grateful for a God who not only cares about the small things in our lives, but is powerful and gracious enough to answer prayer. Ryan began his 12-week surgery rotation yesterday. From what he had heard, the hours would be pretty long, and he would be on call for 30 hours every five days. On top of that, my parents are flying in Thursday night, and will be with us until Sunday afternoon. Plus, we have friends coming in a couple weeks, and then my sisters will visit in April for a long weekend. It would be nice to have Ryan around for these events.

Yesterday, I prayed specifically for this weekend that as Ryan got his schedule for the month, he would be on call this Wednesday (so he would not be on call again until Monday). And sure enough, when he got home last evening, that was exactly his schedule! I hadn't prayed for this yet, but he also is not on call during the other two weekends when we will have company. As an added bonus, he is only on call once a week this month, and will be working with one of the least-intense surgeons, so he will have much more normal hours. The Lord truly does provide above what we can ask or think.

Just to update you on Ryan's medical training, he is currently in his third year of medical school which is the first year of clinical rotations. He spends 6-12 weeks working with doctors in each of the five main specialties (internal medicine, psychiatry, surgery, pediatrics, and ob/gyn). On September 14, he will take the Step 2, which is similar to the big test he took in July on the day that Avery was born. Then he will begin applying to residencies around the country and setting up interviews for that fall. In March 2014, we will find out where he will be placed for residency. He graduates from medical school in June 2014 and begins residency in July. Some people have asked if we have to fly back down to Grenada for graduation. But since St. George's University is technically an American school and is headquartered in NYC, the graduation ceremony will actually take place in the Lincoln Center. We will most likely have a party for Ryan back in Greenville following his graduation.

I'm so proud of Ryan's hard work and the progress he has made so far. We are looking forward to what is ahead of us in the coming years. (And since I don't have any recent pictures of Ryan, here is a picture of Avery from a couple months ago dressed in the little scrubs I gave Ryan when I told him we were pregnant.)

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  1. I loved reading the update, Sarah! I am praying for you.


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