Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Snowed In

We have been looking forward to my cousin, Jason, his wife, Olivia, and their daughter, Halle visiting us for a couple months now. This past Thursday, Avery and I went to the grocery store after lunch. I was quite surprised to see that not only was just about every parking spot was taken, but there were no carts in sight. I found a nice lady loading her groceries into her car and asked if I could take her cart. She told me it was crazy busy inside because of the upcoming snow storm. Apparently living in the south for 15 years hasn't rubbed off on me, because it never occurred to me to stock up on groceries for a snow storm of less than 12". But Avery and I braved the crowds and loaded up on lots of good food for the weekend. She ended up falling asleep in the cart since the trip took a little longer than normal.

While I was shopping, Jason called me to talk about our weekend plans. They were staying with some family in PA and had planned to drive up to our place on Friday afternoon. But with the snow coming, they were afraid they might not be able to make it up on Friday. I told them they were welcome to come that evening, which they decided to do. Fortunately, Ryan was able to take the afternoon off, and he helped me with a few last minute details around the house before they arrived.

I had originally planned on Ryan and I having leftovers for dinner, so I was thankful that Jason & Olivia are very flexible and were okay with having pancakes that evening. We had the best time catching up with them and watching the girls play together. Although, they mostly just spent the evening yelling across the table at each other.

The next morning, the snow began falling pretty early. So we settled down for a cozy day with cups of hot coffee. When Ryan got home, we took the girls outside to play for a couple minutes. The snow was still coming down very hard, and the wind made it quite cold. But we still had a great time and the girls seemed to enjoy the snow as well.

On Saturday morning, the girls played for a while before we went out to Friendly's for lunch. Jason and Ryan spent about an hour digging out our cars before we left. They decided to leave after lunch and head back to PA for the evening. We are so thankful for a fun and memorable weekend and for having family that loves spending time together!

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