Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Time with Family

These past two weeks have been full of unexpected blessings! The Sunday before Mother's Day, Ryan and I decided to look at plane tickets for me to fly home that Thursday. My sister graduated from college on Saturday, and I was sad to be missing such a big event. I called the airline, and was told they could change my ticket at no extra cost! We decided that was the answer we needed. Ryan had final exams the next couple weeks, so I wouldn't have seen much of him anyway.

I spent the next three days preparing to leave. I made a chicken broccoli casserole and lasagna for Ryan's dinners, and bought plenty of food for breakfast, lunch, and snacks. In addition to packing my suitcases for the trip home, I also packed up as much of our room as I could so Ryan wouldn't have so much to do after I left.

My flight home was pleasant, despite my apprehensions about flying by myself, although, I used to fly all the time for my job a few years ago. I guess I've just become accustomed to having Ryan with me! As I walked into the airport in Grenada, I saw my friend, Karla, who was also flying home! We were on the same plane to Miami, and it was helpful to have someone with me while I navigated through customs and immigration and again through security. I had a short layover in Miami and then flew to Dallas. While I was waiting to board the plane home, I saw a friend from college whom I haven't seen in years! Our flight was delayed about an hour, but I was too busy talking and catching up with her to notice.

It's been almost two weeks that I've been home, and every day has been full of activity. I was able to help my family with the graduation party, and enjoyed the opportunity to see many friends and family. I love being able to have breakfast or lunch with friends and shop as much as I want to (more looking than buying, though). But the best part of any trip to Greenville is being at my church again. The fellowship with other believers and the ability to worship God in our gorgeous new building never gets old.

Today, we celebrated my grandmother's 80th birthday with my aunts and cousins. We had a lovely lunch together at Twigs, and I experimented with a special cake for Grandma. I made a four-layer white cake with raspberry filling and pink buttercream frosting. It was light and refreshing - the perfect end to a delicious lunch. I'm so glad I was able to be a part of this special family time.

Ryan will be home this Thursday, and once he gets here, the remainder of our vacation is jam-packed, so I'm thankful I had these extra weeks to relax and spend more time with my family.

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