Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Finals Week

We're finally in our last week in Grenada before Christmas break. Ryan has already had one final exam on Monday, and has one tomorrow morning and one Friday morning. Yesterday was his Anatomy final. He feels like it went pretty well. We should find out the results this weekend. Last week he caught a cold, but fortunately has been feeling fine this week. However, I caught his cold on Sunday and have been trying to rest these past couple days so I can get healthy before going home.

In these past few days, I've enjoyed my last outings to the pool with friends. A couple days ago, we met a new friend at the pool . . .

One of the workers at the University Club saw this iguana in the tree above the pool. He knocked it into the water, and we watched it walk around on the bottom of the pool for a few minutes. Eventually, he caught it again and held it for us to see.

I thought it was a pretty big one, but apparently they can get quite a bit larger. It looked kind of scary as well, but one of my friends use to work with exotic animals and held it while her 3-year-old son petted it. We asked the worker if he was going to let it go, and he said, no, they were going to take it home and eat it! And he wasn't kidding! When we were there on Monday, he was eating a piece of an iguana while walking around the pool. Completely disgusting, but I guess they're used to it. Never a dull moment in Grenada!

Tonight, I made my final trip to the grocery store for this semester. It looks like our food supply will last until we leave. And tomorrow, I'm determined to start packing our suitcases and our room. I'll be babysitting Isabella on Thursday while her mom packs for their trip home, so I need to have most of mine done before then. Ryan finishes his exam around lunch time on Friday, and we fly to Trinidad at 7:00 that evening. If we had flown directly from Grenada to the US, we wouldn't have been able to get home until the following week because all the tickets were sold out. But we found a cheap flight to Port of Spain for Friday night, and we'll leave from there early Saturday morning. It turns out we will get home at 6:30pm and save quite a bit of money as well.

We'd appreciate your prayers for Ryan as he takes his finals and for our safety as we fly home. Greenville, here we come!

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