Saturday, August 21, 2010

Summer Break

As I previously mentioned, we have just returned from a month-long vacation in Greenville. We stayed with my parents while we were there and just loved every minute of our time at home. My family spoiled us with our favorite meals, snacks, and trips to their new favorite Mexican restaurant. Not only did we enjoy the time spent with our families, but we were able to see all our dear friends from Cornerstone again. So many people were gracious enough to fit us into their busy summer schedules, and we had the best time with everyone. I tried to take pictures of some of our activities. I definitely didn't do a very good job with that, but here are a few snapshots and events from the past few weeks.

The weekend after we arrived at home, we had a (belated) 4th of July picnic at my aunt and uncle's house.

This is me with my youngest cousin, Martin.

And I wish I had better pictures of the rest of my family, but they are all in this one somewhere.

The following Saturday, our church had a pool party-themed ladies' fellowship. I was able to help Mom and my sister, Rebekah, with some of the decorations and dessert (white chocolate lime mousse with a crushed gingersnap crust). We had a wonderful time together.

During our time at home, I was able to meet up with Meredith Jenkins and Trish Campbell, a couple of my closest friends since high school. They were also bridesmaids in my wedding, and I was in both of their weddings. I love the fact that even though it may be months in between, we can sit down and pick up right where we left off. And getting to spend a few hours with each of them was one of the highlights of my vacation.

Ryan and I also enjoyed getting to spend many evenings with our very dear friends, Dan and Brenda, their adorable son, Carter, and newest addition, sweet Elliana.

One evening, the four of us went downtown to Sticky Fingers, one of Ryan's favorite barbecue places.

We just love downtown Greenville. And after dinner, we took a little walk and then stopped at Marble Slab for some ice cream.

Although our four and a half weeks at home went by much too quickly, Ryan and I could not be more thankful for our wonderful family and church family that made our vacation one of the best we've ever had.

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  1. Hi Sarah! I just found your CUTEST blog! Seriously your husband and you are adorable! My name is Stephanie and my husband and I live in Chicago (by way of ID and SLC). We are taking a little vaca down to Grenada (sans our 13month old little boy) and leave in 10 days!!! I was searching for super fun kinda off the beaten path things to do while we were there when I found your blog. Since you have been living there I thought maybe you could give me a few recommendations?? HOW FUN that you get to live there while your husband is in school. We landed in Chicago for work and my husbands MBA and love the city but are so excited to get to the BEACH! My email is and I would love love love to hear from you! Thanks a bunch, Steph


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